Dianabol Cycle for Beginners – Benefits & Dosage

Dianabol cycle is one of the most preferred cycles by bodybuilders and performance athletes who desire to gain a lot of muscles without sticking any needles on their bodies. When used in the right manner, the cycle is very effective and will always give the desired results in the shortest possible time. A good number of newbie bodybuilders prefer going for Dianabol cycles because of the numerous benefits it comes with compared with other anabolic steroid cycles.

Some of the most pronounced benefits include-:

  • No injections – with Dianabol cycles, you don’t have to worry about sticking needles to your skins if you don’t want to, since it is available in a variety of forms, including oral and liquid forms which you can easily ingest.
  • Fast and efficient – Dianabol is formulated to deliver efficient and quick results. This means that you will not wait for a long time before you see the results you desire to see. In just a matter of weeks of using it, you are likely to notice changes which you will be well pleased with.
  • Increased body strength – with the cycles, you don’t just benefit from increased muscles and a leaner physique. You will also benefit from increased body strength which will empower you to explore limits you may not have thought of in the past.
  • No severe side effects – unlike some steroids which have side effects that may compel you to stop using them, the side effects of Dianabol are mostly mild and you will never worry about them getting adverse if you use the substance are recommended.


In as much as Dianabol is very popular amongst beginner bodybuilders, it is important to remember that cycle of a beginner is very different from cycles for a regular user. Beginners are advised to be patient and take the time they need to fully understand the cycle so that they don’t expose themselves to suffering any severe side effects. The cycles are, however, flexible and this is amongst the numerous reasons why many newbies in bodybuilding find it to be very attractive.

The Various types of Dianabol

Dianabol is just a brand name for methandrostenolone which is an oral anabolic steroid. It is available in various forms which include the followings:

  • A liquid form is commonly known as Reforvit-B. It can also be issued in sanitary forms which further increases its popularity.
  • Tablet forms in form of 5 and 10mg tablets. The 5mg tablets are pink in color while the 10mg pills are yellow in color. They, however, have the same active ingredients, and will always deliver the same results. Though the 5mg and the 10mg tablets are the most common ones, there are also 20mg and 50mg tablets available, but mostly in underground labs and dispensaries.

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The Dianabol Only Cycle

While considering Dianabol only cycles, you should note that the compound is aromatizable being an oral anabolic steroid and will thus easily be converted into estrogen once it gets into the body. As such, its cycles are flexible, but also limited in the scope of applications.

It is well-known fact that the Dianabol works magic when it comes to packing on bulk and on gaining strength, and this is one of its most admirable features which make it so attractive to most bodybuilders – both veterans and newbies. It is such a wonderful choice for those who desire to see significant gains in size and strength and who don’t mind so much about bloating or water retention.


One of the major shortcomings of Dianabol, however, is its hepatotoxicity given that it is an oral anabolic steroid. It simply implies that it is very toxic to the liver and if overused or used in a manner that is not recommended, the liver may be overloaded and this will definitely come with certain undesirable health effects. Due to this, it is recommended that the cycles should be limited to no more than six weeks at a time so as to protect the liver and avoid any potential damages to this vital organ.

In as much as Dianabol may be limited in its application as a bulking agent, it should always be remembered that it is possible to use just any kind of anabolic steroid for cutting cycles or to reduce fat during cutting cycles.

The Recommended Dosage for Dianabol Only Cycle

If you are just starting out, this dosage is basically an introductory cycle to let your system get introduced to the substance so that you can cope well should there be any side effects. The cycle is as follows-:

Week 1 – 6:

25mg of Dianabol every day

Week 7 – 12:

300 – 500mg of Testosterone Enanthate every week

The use of Testosterone Enanthate is very common with most beginners as it acts as a mild introduction for people who have never used steroids before.

For the beginner Dianabol cycle only, the dosage recommendation for Testosterone Enanthate should be observed strictly. This is to let the user have a better comprehension of the testosterone cycles before any stacking is started so that they know how their bodies will respond to the substances.

Best Dianabol Cycles with Deca Durabolin

As a user progresses from being a newbie to an intermediate user, Deca Durabolin can then be stacked with Dianabol. The two get along well and will always give very good results within a short time. The best Diabanol cycle with Deca Durabolin should be-:

Week 1 – 6

100mg of testosterone enanthate every week

400mg Deca Durabolin every week

25-50mg Dianabol every day.

Week 7 – 12

100mg testosterone enanthate every week

400mg Deca Durabolin every week

With the stacking of the two, testosterone dose is gradually reduced until it can be completely replaced with a testosterone therapy dose to keep a healthy physiological hormonal balance. In such a case, the work of testosterone is more of supportive anabolic and not necessarily one of the primary anabolics as it was the case in the beginning. In the same manner, the Dianabol dose is increased to between 25mg and 50mg in the intermediate cycle where Dianabol and Deca Durabolin now becomes the primary anabolic.


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