Remarkable Benefits of Oxydrol to the Users

Anadrol or Oxymetholone is recognized as an anabolic steroid, which is available in two forms. Some of the users like the simple capsule form while others like the liquid version and use the injectables. They increase the dose gradually to get improved results from this steroid. The results derived from using this compound are often good. Most of the users find that they get better results from the workouts and the lifting when they take this steroid. With the regular use of this compound, it can minimize the damage that is caused by lifting and workouts and can also enhance muscle strength and give more energy to the users.

Also known as Oxydrol, this anabolic steroid was originally manufactured for treating few medical conditions. The doctors used to prescribe this medication to the patients who were diagnosed with early-stage AIDS and the later-stage HIV. It affects the immunity system of the body, which is responsible for controlling the white and the red blood cells. It helps the body to enhance the production of red blood cells that can improve the well-being of the user. It may provide the users with an increased appetite. The active ingredient used in this steroid is Oxymetholone. The users of this drug must read the ingredients of it and look for the dangerous materials if any.

Remarkable benefits

This anabolic steroid is popular among the bodybuilders as it is the most dependable and the strongest steroid available in the market. Unlike other steroids that provide effective results after two months of use or even longer, this compound starts working within a few weeks only. Users can experience a muscle gain of 30 pounds and new muscles within a month’s time. Water retention is a major issue which is associated with the use of this steroid.  Though it leads to water retention, yet it uses the excess moisture for improving the elasticity of the body and for preventing strain and muscle damage.


The frequent use of this drug leads to an enhancement in the levels of estrogen in the body. This steroid can improve numerous functions of the body which is quite unlikely in case of other steroids. It can improve muscles, immune system, and the elasticity and the flexibility. The majority of the users often feel better instantly when they take this steroid before working out.  The users report that it helps them to improve muscle groups and also helps to build better muscle much quicker than the other steroids. Some of the professional bodybuilders who have tried this steroid claim that it repairs the damage caused to the muscles much faster.

Oxydrol Dosages

At the beginning of the steroid cycle, the Oxydrol dosage must be 50mg and towards the end of week one, the daily dosage can be gradually enhanced to 100mg. When the users get optimal results, the dosage is enhanced to 150 mg daily. Enhancing the dosage beyond 150 mg does not guarantee further gains and can pose a risk to the health if taken for a long duration of time. The dosages must be reduced two weeks before the end of the cycle. This way it helps the users to retain most of the gains.

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