Anavar Vs Winstrol: What’s the Difference and Which Is the Best?

If you have been in the bodybuilding industry for some time, then you are aware of the rampant use of steroids amongst the participants, and if that’s so, then you also know that Anavar and Winstrol are amongst the industry’s favorites. But so many bodybuilders are usually torn between the two, not knowing which ones to choose and for what goals.

With a lot of misinformation going around between, it is understandable why so many people get confused when it comes to debates about Anavar vs Winstrol, and as an informed user, it pays to know all there is to know about the two so that you can always choose the best one to go for depending on your specific bodybuilding goals. Below is a detailed look about the differences and the similarities between the two so that you are armed with the right information when you need to make a purchase.

Anavar Vs Winstrol for Fat Loss

Both Anavar and Winstrol are among the best cutting steroids you will find in the market today. But as you are aware, cutting mainly drills down to fat burning while preserving the muscle mass. When bodybuilders are in offseason, they strive to increase their calories and train using heavy weights so that they can get as much muscle mass as the possibly can. They thus end up with increased size and mass of their frames, and they may also end up accumulating some body fat during the process.

When they begin the cutting cycle, the focus is usually to reduce their intake of calories so that they can attain the right calorific deficit to make it easy for them to lose weight. But with reduced intake of calories, the body will be compelled to turn to the stored fats as a main source of fuel for the body functions and if it happens that there is a huge deficit in calories, then the body may tap into the reserves in the muscles and this will undo some of the gains achieved.

As such, the bodybuilder will lose both mass muscle and strength during the cutting phase, and this can be harmful to the physique and the training regime, hence the reason why athletes do turn to cut steroids such as Winstrol and Anavar. These steroids will the process of fat burning but will preserve the quality of the muscles, thus ensuring that the muscle mass is maintained, and no strength is lost.

Anavar Vs Winstrol for Bulking

Neither Anavar nor Winstrol would make it to the top of the list when considering the best steroids for bulking. However, if you were to make a choice between the two, which one do you think would be the winner?
To begin with, when anabolic statistics are considered, then Winstrol is found to be more slightly more potent than Anavar and this means that it can give slightly better results compared to Anavar as far as bulk is concerned.
But it is important to note that when genders are concerned, Winstrol is more effective in bulking in women than in men. If anything, there are a plethora of bulking steroids man can use instead of relying on Winstrol.

Anavar Vs Winstrol: Pros and Cons


Anadrole Review - Anadrol Crazy Bulk

Anavar Pros

Anavar is sometimes is sometimes considered as the girl steroid simply because it is immensely popular amongst female bodybuilders. It is also one of the safest steroids you will find available today given that its androgenic rating is just 24, compared to 100 for testosterone.

However, its low androgenic rating should not make you think that it is less effective in helping bodybuilders achieve their desired results. Here are some of the benefits it has, and which make both men and women fall in love with it-:

It does not aromatize – being a weak steroid given its androgenic rating, Anavar does not aromatize, and this is a huge plus for men looking to go big. It simply means that the steroid cannot be converted into Estrogen once it gets into the body. Estrogen is the exact opposite for testosterone and it is one hormone no bodybuilder would desire to have at high levels.
Effective for fat loss – since it is a cutting steroid, it is highly potent when it comes to burning all the unwanted body fats. The beauty of this is that it helps you get rid of the fat while preserving lean muscle mass and consequently, your energy levels.
Increases strength – for those looking forward to cutting weight, it is always expected that the strength levels will also go down, but when Anavar is used, this is not usually the case. This steroid increases strength in both men and women during the cutting the phase by helping the muscles retain their nitrogen which will be used to produce more energy during workouts.


And now to the cons of Anavar-:

It is not powerful – the androgenic rating for Anavar is just 24 and this is very low when considering powerful steroids for massive gains. In as much as it is effective for those looking to burn fat and have lean bodies, it is not ideal for individuals who desire to bulk up and get jacked really fast.
Harmful side effects – through the steroid does not aromatize, it comes with certain side effects that may be harmful and dangerous to users of all genders, shapes, and ages. For example, it inhibits the natural production of the hormone testosterone in males and this may be lethargic to other processes such as muscle gain and weight loss. It can also lead to an increase in blood pressure – a phenomenon whose effects are well known.
• It reduces the levels of healthy cholesterol in the body and this may leave one predisposed to risks such as blood clots, blocked arteries and much more.

Anadrole Review - Anadrol Crazy Bulk

Winstrol Pros

Here are some of the main advantages of Winstrol-:

Increase in muscle mass – through the steroid is ideal for cutting, it can also be used for building a lean muscle mass and also for the preservation of the already attained muscle mass.
Increased performance – If you are a performance athlete and you need the right steroid for your sporting needs, then you have every reason to check out Winstrol. It is effective in burning fat, helping in the recovery process, and increasing the strength of the muscles.
Fat loss – this should be obvious because it is a cutting steroid and thus effective for fat burning. It does this by increasing the core body temperature which in turn boosts the metabolic rate, leading to the burning of more fat as well as the production of more energy.


Some of the cons of Winstrol include-:

• Being an oral steroid, it can be toxic to the liver and it is recommended that while you use it, you should consider taking milk thistle supplements to enable the liver work at its best.
• The steroid is also known to increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood system. This can lead to a myriad of complications such as stroke, blood clots in the arteries and heart attacks amongst others.
Hopefully, with the information given above, you will have the right insights to make an informed decision on whether you should go for Winstrol or Anavar.

The Cutting Stack:

Winsol (Winstrol), Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) and Trenorol (Trenbolone) for best results.

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