Best 5 Steroids for Women – Guide & Side Effects

It is not long ago when it would be unimaginable to find the words, “women” and “steroids” in the same sentence. These ways duly understandable since steroids were seen a man’s domain and very few people would imagine that a lady would also use them and get very satisfactory results. But, of course, this comes at a cost – which we will extensively look at below. However, gone are those days when steroids were a no-go zone for women. Currently, the number of female bodybuilders in on a very sharp rise, and so is the use of steroids amongst women.

This is the very genesis for movements such as “girls that lift” which is trying to create awareness about the immense benefits of weight training amongst women. Back the past, weight training for women isn’t something that most people thought about seriously since they thought it would make the ladies look more like men, and make them lose some of their feminine features. But this is not entirely true, and if anything, weight training not only help ladies look more beautiful, with nice curves, but also it comes with a horde of incredible health benefits.

Why the use of Steroids Amongst Women is Increasing in Popularity

The increase in popularity in the use of steroids for women is not out of nowhere. It is not only men who are enthusiastic about having great gains that are interested in steroids. Women now make part of a large number of people who turn to steroids to help enhance their performance and looks. It can simply allude that the increase in popularity in steroids of women can be attributed to the desire by the users to have perfect results.

Whether they are gym rats, fitness models physique athletes, at the end of the day, all they need is results and looks that will make heads turn around wherever they go. This is exactly what steroids are helping them achieve, and with a lot of information, some of the misconceptions that shrouded the use of steroids for women have been laid to rest. Though still, there is a myriad of controversies about women using steroids, such has not deterred the tough-spirited ones from tapping into the benefits of steroids in helping them have great looks.

It is undeniable that steroids are powerful performance enhancers, but we can’t also deny that they do come with certain risks. This is why it is imperative that as a lady contemplating the use of steroids to enhance her performance, you should arm yourself with all the information you need so that you not only know the best steroids to go for but also how to use them in the most proper manner to give you the best results. Thousands of women use them every day with great results, and thousands to use them on a daily basis, but with poor or below average results.

Therefore, a lot of caution is necessary if you are a lady thinking about using a steroid. Just remember that most of them were designed for the male body system, and you are going to notice some changes in your body and physique which will not be typical for ladies. You may get scared, but if you use them right, nothing will stop you from getting the most out of them.

Why Women use Steroids

The reasons why women use steroids vary greatly, just as the reasons why men use steroids. These will depend mainly on the specific fitness objectives that the individuals have. Some are looking to build muscles, while others are looking to burn fat and shed off some pounds. Other yet want to pack as much muscle mass as they possibly can and others still are interested in just looking lean and building some nice muscle definition.

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As you may already know, some women are professional athletes and they need to get the most out of their performance every time, while others are bikini models and all they need is lean looks to help them and their clients move their products. Therefore, various reasons abound why women use steroids and each will be dependent upon each user’s fitness goals or objectives.

Possible Challenges about Women and Steroids

Steroids come with potential risks for both men and women, but they seem to be more pronounced in women than they are in men. The greatest risk, however, is virilization in women. This simply means that the use of steroids by women can make them lose certain aspects of their femininity. For some dedicated women bodybuilders, this may be a very great problem, but for others, this is exactly what they want – to look like men. The process of virilization begins when there are unusual levels of androgen in the body, and androgen is one of the main components found in anabolic steroids.

Here are Best 5 Steroids for Women

With the information already shared, if you still want to go ahead and use steroids for women, here is a look at some of the best ones which are highly recommended for women. They are easily available and guaranteed to give you the very best results, with minimal side effects.

1. HGH

Don’t be surprised at the mention of Human Growth Hormone as one of the best steroids for women since, in as much as it is not a steroid, it still works in a very similar fashion as anabolic steroids. The hormone has certain anabolic properties which can aid in helping women enhance their performance and also improve their physique. Additionally, the hormone can also be used to speed up recovery, burn fat, strengthen the joints and bones, increase strength and energy levels, improve mental health, and promote better sleep among others.


In most occasions, the human growth hormone has always been considered as a wonder drug and this is why it is ideal for use by both men and women. But while you plan on using it, you should be aware of some of its side effects and these include enlargement of the internal organs and water retention when taken in large doses. Therefore, always stick to the recommended dosage if you want to get the best out of this hormone.

2. Winstrol

Winstrol is also known as Winny, and it is a popular steroid whose use is rampant between both men and women. It is the most preferred steroid amongst women who desire to lose weight without necessarily losing their muscle mass while at the same time maintaining their strength and energy levels high. For you to burn fat, especially during the cutting phase, you must be caloric deficit so that you use more calories than the ones you take in.


But when you are a caloric deficit, your energy levels, and consequently, your strength will go down. When this happens, you will not have the energy to do very effective workouts, and this is when Winstrol comes into play. With this anabolic steroid, your energy and strength levels will remain high even when you are an extremely caloric deficit. Some people have noticed that they usually end up with incredible strengths during the times they are on Winny.

Just like with any other steroids, you must be careful to not use more than the recommended dose for this steroid. Some of the side effects of taking more than recommended by women include enlarging of the clitoris, increased cholesterol levels, erratic menstrual cycles, the appearance of acne, deepening of the voice and high risks of infertility amongst others.

3. Anavar


It is nearly impossible to talk about the best steroids for women and fail to mention Anavar. This is like the magic pill for most people when thinking about steroids for women. It is one of the highly recommended steroids for beginner cycles, even if you are just starting out on your fitness regime.

For men, this steroid is extremely mild and is very effective in promoting an increase in muscle mass. For women, on the other hand, it will good results if used correctly, but may have devastating consequences if abused. One admirable thing about it, and why it is such a darling amongst female bodybuilding enthusiasts is the fact that it doesn’t cause virilization and as such, it helps the women to have enhanced physique while at the same time maintaining their femininity.

CB_EN_600x150_CTABanner_AnvarolAdditionally, it has very low androgenic rates, thus making it more appealing compared to most of the available steroids for women in the market today. Again with the low androgenic rate, it is considered one of the safest bodybuilding supplements in the market today.

4. Primobolan

Primobolan is another darling when it comes to anabolic steroids ideal for use by women. You will be delighted to know that of all the steroids available in the market today, Primobolan boasts of the least androgenic rates. This simply implies that its use comes with very minimal masculine side effects, and is thus ideal for ladies who desire to have superb physiques without necessarily building a lot of muscles in the process. With this steroids, users can look forward to building lean mass, increasing strength, burning fat, and being less exposed to virilization. But the fact that it is safer than most of the other steroids is no excuse for you to abuse it. Stay safe and always use the recommended dosage.

5. Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is another steroid ideal for both men and women. Clenbuterol is not entirely asteroid, but it is a stimulant that is very deadly in shredding body fat. This is why most performance athletes use it for cutting, especially when they are preparing for bodybuilding contests. The main strength of this compound comes from the fact that it works by increasing the body’s core temperature which in turn increases the metabolic rate, and when this happens, the body will be in a position to utilize calories from the stored fats and convert into energy which will then be used to fuel the body’s activities. As such, Clenbuterol will not just help you lose body fat, but also will ensure that you have more energy to get the most out of your workouts.

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