HGH Injections For Sale: Usage, Cycle and Results

Also known as HGH, human growth hormone is a hormone released by the pituitary glands is to regulate cellular growth and development. It is an excessively powerful hormone which the body produces naturally and amongst the things it does include increasing the body’s use of fat, boosting the production of proteins and stimulating the growth of muscles. The levels of the growth in the body decrease naturally with age, to imply that the levels are abundant in young people, but as they age, the levels begin to recede.

HGH injections have increased in popularity in the bodybuilding industry, but it should be noted that using it with or without prescription comes with devastating side effects and though it is potent enough to give high-quality results in a short time, it must be used with a lot of care. The most people who use the HGH injections are bodybuilders and Hollywood starts who professions demand that they have to be in top shape at all times.

As opposed to how it is believed by the majority, HGH does not belong to the same category as steroids, but that doesn’t make them any safer. The injections can still come with devastating side effects.

How to Use?

If you are in bodybuilding and you have decided to use the HGH injections for more muscle gains, then you should first begin by getting prescription since you will not find HGH for sale if you don’t have a prescription for it.

The effects of the HGH injections will be noticed after about two weeks of usable, but the real changes may be visible after about two months. Two months is considered the minimum length of one cycle for the HGH injection, with the optimal duration being three to four months. It goes without saying that the more you take the injection or the longer you use it, the less dosage you will need.


On the actual dosage, 4IU for bodybuilding. If you will be using the injection for the first time, then it is suggested that you should take between 4 and 6IU to help you gain clean mass. For the subsequent cycles, you may take up to 15IU on a daily basis since the effectiveness of growth hormones becomes linear with the dosage.

If you desire to take more than 10IU, then it is recommended that you add insulin to the cycle so as to prevent any potential problems with the pancreas. But you should always have in mind that the risk of diabetes is one of the main side effects of HGH injections.

Human Growth Hormone make you taller

It is not necessarily true that human growth hormone can make you taller. This is especially after puberty when the growth pellets get infused with bones and then there is no significant height that is being gained. For children, it may lead to dismal height increase, but in adults, there is no significant height gain that comes with using HGH.


Is the HGH Injection safe and side effects

As noted earlier, one of the greatest risks and hence side effects of the HGH injection is diabetes, but there are certain measures which can be taken to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem. Then it is also believed that the use of the injection can increase the production of gynecomastia. The other side effects of using the HGH injection include headaches, back pain, nausea, dizziness and flu-like side effects.

Best Alternatives to HGH Injection

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Where to Buy HGH

If you are looking for HGH for sale, then know that is a prescription drug and getting it without a prescription may lead to your prosecution. With a prescription, you can have it filled in pharmacies across the country or buy online from a reputable vendor.


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