Testosterone 400mg Review – Side Effect, Buying Guide

Testosterone 400mg is one of the new types of synthetic testosterone available commercially and which is increasingly becoming popular amongst both bodybuilders and athletes interested in increasing their muscle mass, losing fat and enhancing their performance and endurance. In every Testosterone 400mg bottle, there is 4g of testosterone, making deliver a high volume of the hormone per ml and it is also believed that it has the highest level of concentration of the hormone amongst all the brands being mass-produced in the market today. A typical bottle of Testosterone 400mg is constituted as follows-:

  • Testosterone Enanthate – 188mg
  • Testosterone Cypionate – 187mg
  • Testosterone Propionate – 25mg

All the components are various types of androgenic hormones exhibiting various types of esters.

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Difference Between 400mg and 500mg

Most people interested in the Testosterone 400mg are usually confronted with various discussions on whether they need to go for the 400mg or 500mg if they want proper bulking. But the truth is that if you are considering the test for gains, then there is no real difference.

The only difference between the two is in the ml or mg, with one having slightly higher test level than the other, but this will not always be noticeable, especially as far as the gains are concerned. The most important thing that such people should be considering is the primary cycle, with the main takeaway being that it is easier to recover from shorter cycles, irrespective of which of the test is used.

What Does Test 400mg do to your body?

The composition of Test 400 features fast-acting propionate and cypionate which are all delivered directly into the bloodstream with every injection of the Test. The enanthate works rather slowly compared to the two but is also equally effective. With the fact that the testosterone is delivered straight into the bloodstream, it is very effective in boosting muscle growth.

Additionally, it increases the levels of appetite as well as weight gain amongst the users, making it one of the most preferred testosterones in the current times.

The other results users find with the use of testosterone 400mg in an increase in libido and aggression. These two attributes are extremely for performance athletes who want to get the best out of the competitions or bodybuilders who need to make the most of their training sessions.

It is important to note that the use of Testosterone 400mg is recommended during the bulking cycles, usually between the eighth and the 12th week. They work best after anabolic steroids have been used for the first six weeks of the cycle.


Towards the end of the bulking cycle, an ideal hardening steroid may then be chosen for the rest of the anabolic state. This is so that the users can tighten the muscles gained during the cycles. Finally, when using Testosterone 400mg, it is vital not to inject on the same spot continuously to prevent injection pain and also damage to the muscles.

Testosterone 400mg Side Effects

Just like other steroids, using Testosterone 400mg comes with its own set of side effects. Before using this steroid, however, it is imperative to go through the side effects to know what you are likely to experience, and if there is any side effect which may be detrimental to your health, then it is imperative to consult your physician for an appropriate alternative.

It is also essential to watch closely where you buy your Test 400 since getting your bottle from the black market will also be dangerous enough. With that said, here are some of the side effects of using Test 400 steroids-

  1. Gynecomastia – this refers to the swelling and pain experienced on the breasts by men. There could also be post injection pain due to the high levels of alcohol in the propionate component of the steroid. The pain is normally very sharp, and on some occasion, it may result in a low-grade fever for a few days.
  2. The growth of hair on the chest and the face including other noticeable male development characteristics such as deep voice.
  3. The users will experience more than normal gain in muscles
  4. Sometimes acne may appear on the face, especially for ladies
  5. In some instances, users may experience hair loss or an increase in male baldness. To minimize such side effects, it is recommended to use prescribed hair loss medications
  6. Enlargement of the prostate
  7. Lower levels of testosterone

In case any of these side effects become adverse or of great concern, then the use of the steroid should be stopped immediately, and a physician consulted.

Where to Buy Testosterone 400mg without Side Effect

It is not realistic that you will find Testosterone 400mg without any side effects. The important thing to observe is that you get your supplies from reputable vendors and not from the black market. Otherwise, there will always be side effects, both positive and negative.

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